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Volunteer Fees All Volunteers South Africa

What happens to your fees, why do you have to pay to volunteer your time in South Africa helping by donating your time.

Why do I pay to do volunteer work ?

This is a frequently asked question which we hope to answer to your satisfaction below:
Many of our volunteer projects are community based. These townships and rural villages desperately need the assistance of educated volunteers who are willing to give a hand; unfortunately they are in no financial position to accommodate, transport and feed volunteers. All Africa Volunteers was established to help meet the needs of these communities that lack the resources to attract much-needed aid. The need for the assistance of capable volunteers is ever increasing and your time spent here can make a great impact on the lives of the local community. Your skills and creativity as a volunteer are always met with enthusiasm. As a volunteer, if you see a need that needs to be met during your time on a project, speak with one of the members of the All Africa Volunteers team, who will discuss the steps to be taken in order to realize your goal.


Due to high costs of fuel, vehicle maintenance and driver costs this is often one of the most expensive costs to the volunteer organisation.

We have established our sister company “J Bay Cabs” which transports our volunteers between the Airport and our projects. By establishing this company we were able to employ a persons from the local community who was previously unemployed. Our friendly driver, Shane, has now been with us for seven years and is an important part of the All Africa Volunteers family.


J Bay Community volunteers: A self-help breakfast is supplied for volunteers in the morning. Delicious, home-cooked meals for lunch and dinner may be provided from a set weekly menu; however there is a small, reasonable charge in order to cover the cost of ingredients.

Please note on some of the projects all meals are included.


All Africa Volunteers has a lodge situated two minutes walk from the main beach, grocery store and town center. The volunteers which work in our community projects are accommodated at this lodge. During the building of the lodge, we were again able to create employment for the local community. We currently employ a fulltime gardener, security guard, maintenance worker, cleaner, cook and a lodge manager and your staying at this lodge makes it possible for us to employ these people. Our volunteers fall in love with the welcoming atmosphere and sense of family at the All Africa J Bay Lodge, which will feel like a second home.


As a registered Close Corporation and VAT vendor All Africa Volunteers has to pay 14% VAT and other government taxes which are included in your fees.

Other fees and commissions

In order to keep our fees as low as possible we do not charge commissions between 15% - 50% as is the industry norm. We do all the bookings ourselves and also offer support to the volunteers ourselves as this leads to a cost cut which we then pass on to the volunteer.

Donations to the projects

With our community projects in Jeffreys Bay the full amount (100%) after our expenses have been deducted is put back into the project as we feel this is our companies social responsibility. Our sister company “Enchantment Tours” also donates a percentage of each tour booked to our new project fund.

We hope this information has been useful to you and we hope to see you at one of our projects in the near future.

Some Completed Projects

Below you can find some examples of the work we have done for both the Townships and wildlife projects in South Africa.


Volunteer Project Bookings




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Why pay to volunteer what happens to Volunteer Fees All Africa Volunteers South Africa