Volunteer Feedback South Africa

Messages from Past Volunteers


Dolphin Project

"The house is in a very beautiful setting with an elephant park at the end of the garden. Volunteers become very close as we spend a lot of time together. My experience wouldn’t have been the same without the friends I have made."

Celine Haines


"Since the day I arrived, I’ve learnt something new everyday and with the wide variety of activities I am constantly occupied with research and projects. The directors throw volunteers right into the projects. In my first week I was taking part in a dolphin dissection, which is one of the most amazing experiences I have seen since joining the project. Not only is the course exciting, but our base is one of the most remarkable places I have ever visited. We are surrounded by mountains and golden beaches, and everywhere you look is a picturesque view. It’s the perfect place to visit!" -Natalie Bell

It is hard to get bored while spending your time at the Dolphin Project. This is an opportunity you won’t get very often. To be so close to whales, dolphins and other marine mammals, and to actually study them, is an amazing experience. In the end of your stay, it is sure that you are going to miss seeing the ocean, whales and dolphins every day..."

Michiel Van Harten


Community Project Jeffreys Bay

Thank you Melissa and All Africa Volunteers. My three weeks at the crèche in Jeffrey's Bay was a great experience. It was wonderful to see how interested and receptive the children (and the teachers) were to new ideas and the extra attention. I will miss them very much.

I've stayed in Jeffreys Bay for three weeks and worked as a volunteer at one of the schools in the township. The children at the Crèche were very adorable and the two teachers were just amazing in their dedication to educate about 40-50 children every single day. They could definitely use some helping hands and their appreciation for me investing three weeks of my time in helping them was enormous.

During my three weeks there I have helped the teachers with whatever they needed help with: assisting in teaching, preparing porridge, doing dishes, helping the children with their chores, cleaning, providing the weaker children with some extra guidance and attention, and so on. During the play time of the children I've organized some games with them which included some educational elements such as improving hand-eye-coordination. By doing so, the children would actually learn while playing.

The two teachers at the school work very hard to educate the children but it is very hard to do so when you have about 50 children to look after every single day. As a volunteer I have tried to help them as much as I could and I've tried to give the weaker children just that little bit of extra attention they usually do not get from the teachers because there are simply too many children to look after. It was very moving to see that after only three weeks some of the children had already made such a step forward, just because now there was someone that could give them that extra attention they so desperately needed.

Definitely an experience I will never forget!


Wildlife Sanctuary

Thanks so much! I really enjoyed my stay at Wildlife Sanctuary, except the 2 weeks seemed to pass very quickly. In particular, I appreciated the hands-on experience with the animals and will always value that. Thanks again! Dawn

We stayed at the wildlife sanctuary 21st July - 3rd August.  We stayed in the lodge which was a beautiful building set right in the middle of the game reserve; the sanctuary itself is a really gorgeous environment with various animals - including beautiful birds and tame big cats (lynx etc.). The people are lovely, we got on with everyone really well and were sad to leave.  It was a great experience, one not to be missed though the early mornings were not the highlight of the day! Katie and Emma


We stayed at 'The Wildlife Sanctuary' from 7th july- 14th july- it was an amazing experience, and although we were only here for one week we learnt so much and saw so many animals and birds that you definitely don't see at home. the staff at the sanctuary were so welcoming and friendly and the hospitality and food was brilliant. There are lots of other volunteers from many different cultures and you get to learn so much, the experience was definitely life touching and we will always remember our time on the project. we really had a fun week!!!!


Lion and Elephant Projects

Now that I’m home back in Scotland I’m reflecting on the reflecting on the experiences, things that learned and all the people that I’ve met during my 2 months in South Africa. When I first landed in Port Elizabeth a couple of months ago I was a little apprehensive and nervous, but the nerves soon subsided as I was quickly welcomed into the Game Reserve family and made to feel  at home immediately. Throughout my time there I met so many likeminded people an experienced so many different things that it’s hard to know where to start because I’ve had such a life changing experience.