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Activities Volunteers Jeffreys Bay South Africa

About Jeffreys Bay - Activities Jeffreys Bay - Volunteer Lodge Jeffreys Bay


Surf shops galore, Billabong, Quicksilver, Surfer Girl and much more.



Kite and Wind surfing

Tours, lessons and rentals available through Island Vibe. Summer wind conditions are perfect for pros, while the protected lagoons are ideal for complete novices.  


Surf museum

Jeffreys Bay is one of the top ten surfing destinations in the world, so to have a surf museum in this surf driven town was always a must. The museum is about the history of surfing and paying tribute to the many surfing pioneers and legends that have developed the sport over a span of several years. This is not only about the people and personalities but also about the evolution of the actual surfboard from wooden boards to the ultra light foam and glass fiber surfboards that exist today.

Surf lessons

Donít leave J-bay without experiencing the perfect wave!
Main Beach has the right kind of waves for beginner surfers to learn on.  There are no rocks and there are always decent sandbanks close to the shore, which means that beginners never have to venture deep out into the ocean to catch waves.  It is rarely so flat in JíBay that novice surfers cannot catch small foamies (broken waves), which is all you are after when learning how to surf.

Horseback riding

Feel the sensation of galloping across a wind-swept beach, with pure horsepower beneath you and open space stretching kilometres into the distance. The trail winds 13km through natural vegetation, providing one with ample opportunity to spot a variety of bird species, tortoises, dassies and plant life. If riders are fortunate enough to follow the trail during the seagull breeding period, the sight of undulating dunes is surreally broken by the graceful seabirds circling protectively over their grey-speckled fledglings.

Kragga Kamma Game Park

Lush coastal forest and grassland is home to vast herds of African game, including White Rhino, Buffalo, Cheetah, Giraffe, Zebra, Nyala, Bontebok, Lechwe and many more species. All the animals roam freely, unrestricted in natural surroundings. This owner operated animal friendly park, where no hunting or other disturbance of the game is permitted, means that you always get close up views and great photo opportunities.

Shell Museum

The Shell museum, located in the Center of town, displays a huge collection of shells. This collection was started by Charlotte Kritzinger, a local shell collecting spinster in 1945, who pursued the hobby till her death in the late 1960ís. Acting upon an advertisement in the local paper the Municipality she bought the collection and opened the old Shell museum in the library in the 1970ís. In 1986 a curatrixes was appointed and the collection received further boost with the addition of 350 species of mostly deepwater and rare Shells.


Sandboard J BayIf you can stand , you can Sandboard ! Exciting fun on the beach! They have skilled instructors to teach you how to sandboard. They also have boards for hire.  We don't have that much snow in South Africa but we have plenty of sand piled up in majestic places along the beaches. Come and experience some thrilling fun on the sand!

Township Tour

Youíll be taken from town through the historically 'coloured' areas and on into the African townships, a shameful legacy of our apartheid years. Visit trading areas, a school and small craft centre, providing insights into the realities and challenges of post-apartheid South Africa.

The Mexican

The Mexican is the perfect place to relax, have dinner, enjoy the music and have some drinks. Itís situated next to Info Office in the centre of Jeffreys Bay.


About Jeffreys Bay - Activities Jeffreys Bay - Volunteer Lodge Jeffreys Bay


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